One Hit Wonder

I started slinging out queries for my project, The Doc Is In, on January 19, 2012. I wrote it in August of 2011. It’s now February 5, 2013. To date I have re-written my query at least 5 times (I only marked down 5, but those were major edits. I prolly did small edits in between), re-written the prologue 1, and down one whole new edit. None of this was at the request of an agent. No R&Rs for me. Just 33 rejections.

Right now, I have 4 queries out. 

I’m thinking that if all four of these come back as rejections, I will retire The Doc Is In and move on to something new.

Do I have another novel ready to be slung out into the harsh world?

No, no I don’t. I don’t have anything written to move on to. I’ve slowly been working on The Doc Is Out throughout the year, but I’m stuck in it because my MC has decided she wants to go a different route than the one I had planned for her originally and it’s  just halted my brain.

So, in short, I will be giving up on my baby to move on to…. nothing, really. Trying to write something, anything.

Not sure any more. :/