About Me

Jesi Marie was born in Arkansas, but didn’t stay there long. In fact, she never settled down until she was three when she and her mother moved to California. Even after that, they moved around in the same area for years until she was twelve.

Jesi began writing when she was in kindergarten, when her teacher assigned homework to go home and write a story. Unable to write well, Jesi sat down with her mom and told her the story to write down. It was about a cat who was friends with all the animals but the dog, because cats and dogs don’t get along. It was quite the story (quite repetitive, too, haha). After that, it was a love that never went away. Throughout her childhood, she would begin stories but never finish them. In high school, she completed a few short stories, but her dream was to be published by the time she was sixteen. It never happened, obviously. She just couldn’t seem to finish a full length novel.

At least, not until she discovered the wonders of NaNoWriMo a few years after graduation.

The novel that came out of that first NaNo is a story that Jesi holds dear, but knows that unless it’s re-written, it’ll never meet publishing standards.

Since then, Jesi has completed two move novels, one of which is a YA crime that she has edited and is sending out queries on.

Outside of writing, Jesi is an avid reader, lover of cosplay, and dutiful big sister to two much younger brothers. She’s currently going to school and working towards a degree in Fashion and Costume Design.


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