It’s really amazing

It astounds me when I hear of horrible things happening in the world. Actually, it sickens me. Hatred, bigotry, war. It really makes no sense to me. What sinks into someones head that leads them into thinking that blowing something up and killing a bunch of people is going to do anything other than blow something up and kill/maim a bunch of people!

Yes, I’m referring to the Boston Marathon bombing that happened today. And I’m going to pause to say that I thank god for small miracles all the time: none of my family that lives in Massachusetts likes going into Boston and the one’s that do don’t run marathons. This may sound like a bad thing to say, but you know what, I’m glad that none of my family got hurt. Will that stop me from sending positive vibes and good thoughts to those whose family’s were torn apart, both literally and figuratively? No. I hate what happened to them and I really wish it hadn’t happened. I don’t know any of the people injured, I don’t know their family members, but I know it must be hell for them and I hope the hell ends for them as soon as possible.

I was flitting through articles about the bombing, (I was in class when it happened and learned about it via twitter) and came across some graphic photos of the scene after it. While this whole tragedy makes me want to close myself off to the world and tell all the sick fucks to keep their bombs to themselves, I felt slightly warmer towards humanity as well. In these photos there were tons of people NOT in the bright yellow vests that marked them as medical helping people out. There was one photo, which I’ll post below, that really hit me. Both people in the picture helping out were regular people. I think one of them may have even been a runner, and they were helping out.


And it strikes me as funny that from something so tragic, so horrific, there can still be a shining light of hope for humanity.


Despite the large scale of the horrible events that happen, there are always people who are better than that. Always people who are a beacon of hope in this disgusting world we call life.

Maybe I won’t follow my writer-ly roots and become a recluse, just yet.

EDIT: Went to class tonight to hear from the sub that my teacher was in the marathon today. As of class, she hadn’t heard from her, so hopefully she’s all right.

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