Things I need to do

There’s a rule that goes around the writing world that says: “Write every day.”

And it doesn’t matter if you’re writing a story, writing part of your novel, or a blog post. Just as long as you’re writing every day.

Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of my time to my sewing. I’ve changed my major in school to fashion and costuming, I’ve spent time learning about my sewing machine and making stuff. It makes me happy. I love it.

But I’ve completely forgotten that I am a writer. I’ve gone from writer to sewer and costumer. I’ve almost completely forgotten my roots, and it makes me sad.

Sure, for the most part, I write stuff every day. I rp. I haven’t rp’d in a while though because my rp buddy has been super, super busy and unable to get online. I’ve also been busy with my boyfriend and working and school.

I’ve forgotten who I am by discovering more about me. Sounds pretty damn odd, doesn’t it?

But in short, I haven’t been writing and that makes me more sad than anything. I need to get back into it. I need to.

I’ve also hit a road block in my sequel. My MC decided she was going to change a HUGE factor to the plot which changes the way the story is written and told and I’ve just gone BLAM! Right into a wall. So I’ve decided to move onto something else. I don’t know what, though. I just need to write.

What do you guys do when you hit a wall? Do you write every day? 


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