So much stuff!!

Let’s do a bullet list!

  • In total, I’ve sent out 16 queries, 10 of those I sent last night (which is suicide, I know). I’ve gotten 5 1/2 ‘no’s so far.
  • So, I decided to re-write my query. It’s a little more poppy, and the summary is a little more grabby. I’ll send out some more letters and see if this one works any better.
  • I’ve, sadly, had to drop out of the 60k/60 days, because I hate my characters. When I designed my new set of kids, they were supposed to be one way. Well, they’ve just turned into little monsters! I want to just kill them all! So I’m going to delete most of what I have, redo my characters, and re-write it. This makes re-write number 5, or something like that.
  • I have an account on, so if anyone wants to be my pen pal, add me! My sn is PiratingYourDreams
  • School sucks, end of story, lol

Okay, so that’s about it. Doesn’t seem like so much when it’s written out like that, but it feels like more. *huff huff pant pant*

All right! Let’s get to this!

6 thoughts on “So much stuff!!

  1. 5 1/2? How…Have you read Query Shark's blog? That might be able to help you. Also I think there's a forum for critiquing queries on Absolute Write.

  2. The 1/2 is from an agency that says they reply to all queries but it's been longer than their normal turnaround period and she hasn't replied to my nudge either. So it's a half, lolI've looked through the Query Shark, looked at the interviews with queries on, but I haven't gone through the Absolute Write forums. I'll look into that. Thanks :)

  3. Wait…you don't want to read MY sf, but you have a dystopian sf story in mind to WRITE?Makes me think my sf is an epic fail.I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or excited to see what you do with a dystopian story.

  4. Blame Styx! They put the idea in my head! And originally, The Doc Is In was going to be a dystopian. Also, I've read YA Sci-Fi. Still don't like adult Sci-Fi. Too many big words. Your sf was not an epic fail, just adult. With big words. lol

  5. That's a pretty productive sounding list! I tagged you for the Lucky 7 Meme. Rules are on my blog if you're interested! It's pretty fun. :-)

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