This Is For Real

Today is day two of NaNo, and as you can see by the status bar over on the side of my page… I have no words written. This is just a tad bit scary.

Lemme explain. Halloween amongst my group of friends is a big deal. We are a group of cosplayers so any chance at all to cosplay, we take advantage of it (Halloween, conventions, midnight movie premiers, etc). So, Halloween was taken by being dressed up and at a movie till late, so that cut out starting at midnight (I’ve never actually started NaNo at midnight, for obvious Halloween related reasons). Then the night of Halloween was spent sleeping at my friends house, watching horror movies and drinking. The first was filled with…. staying late at my friends house, watching horror movies, doing a Sweeney Todd sing-a-long, drinking, and playing ouija. No, I am not an alcoholic, we just drink when we have parties, which isn’t that often. So we were at my friend’s house until almost 8 last night.

My roommates computer is also dead, so we have to actually have a schedule for our writing. I’m busy mornings, so we’re writing from 1pm to 9/9:30pm, then we come back to the apartment (see the blog post where I show my writing area. It’s in my apartment building’s garage) and my roommate uses the family computer to type up what she’s written for the day and I do my rping and possi bly more writing, update my word count, etc. So as of yet…. I have no words written.

Luckily, I have my beginning already set up. Yey me!

I’ll update later when I have something. :)



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